As a point of contact, we are available on site for authorities and companies (grid operators, GSE [the Italian public energy manager], UTF [Italian fiscal agency], DOGANE [Italian customs agency], security companies, internet service providers, experts, inspectors, etc.), process all requests and coordinate and document all measures necessary.

After a thorough analysis of the contracts between the operating company and service providers, the services and the associated costs are adjusted based on actual demand. Efficient cost management can lead to significant savings in the operating costs of a PV plant.

If your PV plant must be adjusted in line with legal requirements, we will advise you, propose solutions and implement modifications for you in good time.

If necessary, we will complete or compile the detailed technical documentation for your plant. In case of technical changes, we will update the documentation and inform all the relevant public authorities. Your documentation is therefore always up to date.

You can have access to a personal advisor with whom you can clarify any questions relating to your plant by phone and/or in writing.

If necessary, we will create a plant-specific spare parts catalogue, order the necessary spare parts and store them. Our concept not only prevents downtime but means less capital is tied up in stock. You can go online at any time to find out about stock levels and when material comes in and out.

Based on your production data and technical developments in the PV sector, we develop proposals to improve the performance of your plant.

As a special purpose vehicle, you are directly responsible for the safety of the PV plant. We ensure that you meet all safety regulations. The service includes appointing a safety officer, compiling/updating all required documents, carrying out regular checks on site, briefing third parties, etc.