Service check

Make the most out of our service check: we check to see whether your current service provider is meeting its contractual obligations. We evaluate the performance of your plant, carry out an inspection of the plant, check the operating hours and the entire documentation of the service provider.

Assessment in the event of a damage

PV plants are exposed to risks such as lightening, hail, rodent infestation, fluctuations in grid power, theft and vandalism. We offer you an independent, neutral assessment of any damage, which you can use as a good argument to support your dispute.

Installation assessment

When a qualified expert checks a PV plant for installation defects, this often brings to light defects that would not other be recognised by a layperson. Using an installation assessment, the plant owner is in a position to demand improvements or a rebuild if necessary.

Condition assessment

We use modern measurement technology to independently check the condition of your plant and give you certainty in cases of doubt. Testing methods such as thermal imaging, luminescence and IV curve measurement are combined in a way that is effective.


Unfortunately, it may be that the performance of PV plants is below expectations. This can occur for several reasons: supply constraints from manufacturers could mean that other components of inferior quality have to be sourced as an alternative. The high demand for PV plants has also meant that new providers are pushing into this booming market that lack the necessary expertise and experience, which is why many plants are not planned and installed properly.

When operating PV plants, it is sometimes necessary to have a neutral, independent assessment. We work on behalf of the plant operator and provide a professional and independent review of your plant or your service partner.