Plant Recovery


Plant dismantling

  • Checking alternatives to dismantling (e.g. sale)
  • Optimising the dismantling process
  • Recycling components


Classifying and separating components

  • Selling the raw materials on behalf of the owner
  • Recycling core components (e.g. PV modules) either independently or using partners
  • Restoring the areas to be reused

Removing concrete foundations and underground cables

  • Area restoration
  • Managing handover to owners and authorities



PV modules lose 10% and 15% of their efficiency rating over a period of 20 or 25 years. The estimated service life of an inverter is around ten years depending on the load. The feed-in tariff and leases are limited to 20 years.

Even if the PV plant is still in operation when the feed-in tariff ends, or for example, roofs need to be replaced, it may need to be dismantled. Many components can or must be recycled in a way that is sustainable. We check whether dismantling is necessary and economically feasible, and carry this out if necessary.