We monitor the operation and condition your entire PV plant over its useful life. Where necessary, this also includes areas such as data communication or the technical condition of video surveillance systems and all connected components.

In addition to performance data for the system, we also monitor other variables on request. When necessary and at regular intervals, we compare current data with past data to detect irregularities early and prevent failures.

If a fault is detected during active monitoring, we will immediately introduce all steps necessary to resolve this. We will coordinate any resulting work with you following a consultation if necessary, as well as implement and document this work in full.

Our work does not end with our systems. We not only communicate with manufacturers of inverters, security equipment and monitoring systems, but also support you in relation to third-party providers, such as internet providers and other service providers.

We include historic plant data in our system to ensure it remains available when switching to us. Data from the previous year is analysed by us in detail.

With existing monitoring systems, it is not always guaranteed that you, as the owner, have full access to all the data. When switching over, we make all the changes for you and develop, if necessary, solutions specifically for your plant.

Insofar current contracts exists with another provider, we are happy to advise you, carry out data maintenance and also configure the systems concerned if necessary.

All events are chronologically stored in our central operating portal, giving you access to this information at all times and ensuring you can keep up to date about the plant, in addition to the regular reports.

Do your current reports not contain the data you’re interested in? Do the data preparation and presentation methods not meet your expectations or is your bank missing certain information? We create reports according to your specifications or subsequently adjust templates as you want them. The content includes various diagrams, information and processes, e.g. component-based availability and yield analyses or information regarding the regular inspections. On request, we create event-related, monthly, quarterly or annual reports.

Our monitoring platform combines technical monitoring with other modules, such as a ticket system, reporting module and a powerful document management system. This means that no matter where you are, you have access to all documents that arise in the planning, maintenance and monitoring process.

There are corresponding apps available for smartphones and tablet PCs.