Technology comparison

  • Structured analysis of plant and component performance with tried-and-tested tools
  • International comparison of plant and component performance
  • Simulation of the effect of tuning measures, of replacing components and switching over to new technologies
  • Simulation of how plant performance changes over time

Performance optimisation

  • Optimal configuration and programming of the electrical installation
  • Optimised power settings and grid connection 
  • Optimised cable routing and diameters

System upgrading

  • Technical upgrade of plants to optimise performance
  • Upgrade by using new technologies
  • Performance and grid management
  • Optimisation of the interface between the plant and the grid



Even PV plants age. Wear and tear on components may adversely affect the yield. At the same time, new and improved components are getting cheaper. Therefore, there are many reasons behind our proposals to improve performance, which pay off quickly.