Components do not fail for no reason, and each defect has a cause. We analyse the defect and eliminate the cause.

Our installation vehicles and logistics facilities are well equipped to allow immediate and fast repair on site. Our service sites are geared towards to the plant sites. Our personnel trained based on each plant can remove defects with speed and expertise.

In emergency situations when access to the site is required, our technicians are available around the clock, taking the necessary steps without delay.

We subject all components to a monthly visual inspection. Measures are taken immediately if discrepancies arise. Plant-relevant data is checked on site for plausibility.

All parts of the plant are checked and maintained according to manufacturer specifications. You not only benefit from our plant-specific inspection catalogue, but also our practical experience. The inspections cover all necessary measurements and tests.

We check the safety of the plant regularly and thoroughly. In cooperation with the competent security company, we identify potential weaknesses in security and minimise the number of false alarms.

Our service teams remove any vegetation from your PV plants which causes shading. We guarantee a maximum growth height for the entire PV plant.

As part of the monthly visual inspections, we determine the degree of contamination of the module, among other things, and plan the required cleaning procedures. We take into consideration all factors such as agricultural (ammonia), proximity to the sea, landscape maintenance of the PV plant site, pollen count, etc. Our gentle cleaning process ensures modules are maintained in the long-term.

Our spare parts warehouse is located in the immediate vicinity of the plant and means spare parts are available at short notice in case of repair. Current stock quantities are available at any time online.

Thermographic methods allow a fast inspection of the plant from a distance. Partial failures of modules through cell breakage, glass breakage or hairline cracks on the cells, hot spots, moisture ingress, delamination (peeling of the encapsulant material) and defective bypass diodes are not detected during visual inspections alone. With the thermographic inspection, we secure the plant yield and provide you with evidence for enforcing any warranty claims.

If widespread damage to the installed modules is suspected, the cause of this must be determined. We carry out on-site investigations of a representative number of the modules by means of a electroluminescence inspection and give precise details on the possible cause of damage.

The plants are most effective when module temperatures are low and solar radiation high. Depending where a plant is located, the PV array may get covered by snow. Production is maintained by clearing the snow accordingly.

Buildings and control cabinets on the plant site house components that are essential for operating the plant. We ensure that operations are not affected by external influences through regular inspection and cleaning. Even the access roads to the PV plants must be regularly maintained.